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Tool-CoFor many years the Tool-Co Irrgang-Marquardt general partnership has been a competent and reliable partner when it comes to tools, machines and general industry use in Berlin and all over Europe. Ever since the founding of the company in 1998, we attach great value to the quality and practicability of our products. Short distances, innovative solutions and quick shipping nationwide are the features that distinguish our work.

Our clients‘ concerns are our incentive to constantly improve our customer-oriented service.

For more than ten years we are supplying machines and tools for fire departments Germany-wide. This development can be seen in the wide range of our transport cases. During the development of the cases for the fire department we are working closely together with ist users, thereby assuring to meet their individual wishes and ideas.

Any enhancements and changes can be implemented on short notice and – thanks to our partners and suppliers – they will be integrated into the manufacturing of the case and its equipment. The constant development of our specialized tools ensures their long-term practicability, reliability, future security and, above all, customer satisfaction.

In addition to the transport cases, we supply a broad range of specialized tools for emergency personnel in the field of door and vehicle opening, cutting and grinding tools. What is more, we offer a wide range of workshop chemicals and tools for operating logistics.

On the following pages you will gain insight into our supply program and we hope to convince you too of the benefits of our products.

Roger Irrgang
Markus Marquardt


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